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§ 3 General Business Terms and Conditions (GBT) Hellinger® publications

1. General Remarks

1. 1. A contract with Hellinger® publications, post office box 2120, 83462 Berchtesgaden, comes into existence if the purchaser decides to order the selected products to be sent to a delivery address informed by the purchaser. 

1. 2. The following contract terms apply exclusively to the business relationship between vendor and purchaser. If any condition of the purchaser is different from the here mentioned terms, they will not be recognized by the vendor, unless their validity is mutually agreed on. 

2. Conclusion and rescission of the contract

2.1. The contract including the GBT comes into existence between purchaser and vendor as soon as the purchaser sends the order which was entered in the online-form on the website through pressing the “Enter”-button or clicking with the mouse on “Send Order” as a firm offer and the conclusion of a contract to the vendor. The vendor accepts this offer by delivering the products within due time. In case of an e-book or MP3-audiobook, the offer is accepted by providing the purchaser with the e-book or the audiobook within the user account available for download.

2. 2. The vendor reserves to himself the right of accepting the offer especially in case of a writing, printing or calculation error on the website, on which the order of the purchaser is based.

2. 3. The text of the contract after the conclusion of the contract is stored by Hellinger® publications and can be accessed in the user account. 

2. 4. In case the vendor does not deliver despite his contractual obligation with his supplier, the vendor is entitled to rescission. In this case the purchaser is immediately informed that the ordered product is not available.

3. Product delivery / Provision of download

3. 1. The product delivery occurs through the delivery to the address indicated by the purchaser. The incidental delivery charges are shown to the purchaser before the conclusion of the order. In case of deliveries abroad the additional tax fees if any and custom taxes are charged to the purchaser.

The vendor will always observe the delivery deadline indicated on the website, provided that the delivery of the products through the suppliers or the publisher is observed within the indicated time period.

The vendor is entitled to partial deliveries.

The hereby resulting additional costs will not be charged to the purchaser.

3. 2. E-books and MP3-audiobooks are made available for download on your user account after the purchase of the product or the right of use.

3. 3. The vendor reserves to himself the right to temporarily or permanently change, interrupt or cease the possibility of a renewed download of e-books and MP3-audioboos at any time after a deadline of 60 days after sending a corresponding notification to the indicated e-mail address of the purchaser and/or to erase individual e-books form the personal library of the purchaser. 

4. Prices

The prices indicated on our website are to be considered including the VAT as required by law. Please observe that we reserve ourselves the right to price adjustments.

5. Conditions of payment, reservation of ownership

5. 1. By ordering the purchase price as well as the declared delivery costs are due immediately and without discount deduction.

5. 2. The purchaser has the option of the forms of payment offered in the scope of the order process.  In the case of return or non-payment of a debit the purchaser hereby irrevocably authorizes the bank to inform Hellinger®publications of his name and current address. 

5. 3. The delivered products remain as property of the vendor until the complete payment of the products. In case of a download the allocation of the license of use takes place under the condition of the complete settlement of all existing demands regarding the purchaser.

5. 4. The compensation of the purchaser is only then legitimate when his claims are uncontended and legally binding.

6. Conditions of use of MP3-audiobooks

6. 1. By providing the purchaser with audiobooks in a MP3-audiobook format, Hellinger® publications does not provide them as property. The purchaser acquires a simple, non-transferable right of use which is revocable before complete payment of the license fee and is limited to a period of 30 years from the moment of the first download of the ordered product for personal use. 

6. 2. The content of the MP3-audiobooks may not be changed or edited by the purchaser.

6. 3. The purchaser is allowed to copy the MP3-audiobooks exclusively for personal use. The transfer of the MP3-Audiobooks to third parties (friends, relatives, acquaintances), making it public or passing it on to public sources, the free posting of the content online or in return for payment, resale and/or any form of use for commercial means is prohibited.

6. 4. The MP3-audiobook is marked during the download with an individual, inaudible and inerasable watermark so that the tracing and tracking of the original buyer in case of misuse of the MP3-audiobooks is made possible.

7. Right of rescission 

7. 1. The purchaser is not bound to his declaration anymore if he cancels it within a period of 2 weeks after the entry of the delivery. The rescission of the purchaser does not need to contain any justification and can follow in written form to Hellinger® publications 
-, meaning also under 
- by telefax under +49 8652/656400 or -
a letter to  Hellinger® publications, post office box 2120, 83462 Berchtesgaden, or
- through return of the products to Hellinger® publications, post office box 2120, 83462 Berchtesgaden.

7. 2. Notifying Hellinger® publications on time of the rescission is sufficient to ensure the keeping of the term.

7. 3. The rescission is impossible in case of media products from the audio– and video-section, e-books and und MP3-audiobooks. 

7. 4. After the entry of the rescission the vendor is obliged to refund eventual payments; the purchaser is obliged to return the received products. After the return of not ordered or damaged products the vendor refunds the return costs in any case. (Please no unfree returns).

8. Warranty and liability 

8. 1. If there is a defect in the delivered product in case of transfer of risk, the purchaser is entitled to demand supplementary performance through compensation delivery. If the form of the supplementary performance selected by the purchaser is disproportional, the vendor is entitled to select the form of the supplementary performance. If this one is also disproportional or if the vendor finds himself incapable of carrying out the supplementary performance or the supplementary performance is delayed beyond an appropriate period or the supplementary performance fails in any other way, the purchaser is entitled to chose to cancel the purchase or demand a reduction of the purchase price.

8. 2. Any vendor warranty beyond the established protocol is excluded, not regarding the legal status, insofar as it is only based on slight negligence.

8. 3. This warranty exclusion does not apply in the case of the breach of warranty or of contractual obligations as well as in case of a violation of the product liability law or the lack of guaranteed features. In the case of a breach of contractual obligations the liability is limited to the typically foreseeable damage.

8. 4. The exclusion of warranty according to paragraph 2 and the limitations of warranty according to paragraph 3 do not apply if case of injury to life, body or health. 

9. Data protection 

9. 1. The purchaser authorizes Hellinger® publications to process, save, analyze and use the received data related to the business relationship in accordance with data protection laws.

9. 2. The purchaser is entitled to access, correction, blocking and deletion of his saved data.

9. 3. The purchaser has been extensively informed about the form and scope of personal data retention under the category “data protection” (see also bottom of the website page).

10. Other remarks

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply under exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.